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Prince Henry – Trained Nurses Association Museum

The conservation and adaptation of the highly significant Flowers Ward 1 and Henry’s Trading Post accommodate the Prince Henry Hospital Nursing and Medical Museum including the Coronary Care Unit (CCU), currently located in Flowers Ward 2.

Having established sensitive conservation and interpretation strategies for the Flowers Ward 1 pavilion, PTW carried these policies through to the external works of the heritage structures Flowers Wards 2, 4, 5 and 6, and Hill Building 2, as part of their adaptive re-use as contemporary residences on the Prince Henry site.

Leading a team of consultants, PTW developed a comprehensive plan that balances the demands of contemporary housing with a respect for the heritage significance of the building group. New sun-shading screens based on historic records were proposed for the heritage verandahs to improve internal environmental qualities, while provisions for new driveways and carparking were inserted discreetly into the original spare landscaped setting.

The robustness of PTW’s fine grain historical analysis and cultural heritage research for the Prince Henry at Little Bay project is affirmed in its recognition by the NSW Heritage Office as a model of how cultural heritage values may positively influence the design and development of a precinct. This substantive approach is also demonstrated in the conservation strategies and techniques developed for the adaption of the highly significant Flowers Ward 1 and Prince Henry Trading Post which set the standard and model for the future conservation of the other five precinct pavilions.

Flowers Ward Interior
Flowers Ward Interior


澳大利亚 悉尼 Little 湾地区




2009年全国城市设计工业协会(UDIA)优秀奖:总规划深化设计类—悉尼Little湾(Little Bay ) 新亨利王子社区(Prince Henry)

2009年全国城市设计工业协会(UDIA)优秀奖:评委会主席奖—悉尼Little湾(Little Bay) 新亨利王子社区(Prince Henry)

2008年 澳大利亚新南威尔士州建筑师学会 (AIA) 总理奖—悉尼Little湾(Little Bay) 新亨利王子社区(Prince Henry)

2008年新南威尔士州城市设计工业协会奖(UDIA):总体规划住宅生活方式发展卓越奖—悉尼Little湾(Little Bay) 新亨利王子社区(Prince Henry)

2008年兰德威克市议会(Randwic City Council) 城市设计奖 - 规划类

2004年兰德威克市议会(Randwic City Council)城市设计奖 - 文物活化再利用项目 - 嘉奖